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 In the South Sinai and located on the Gulf of Aqaba lies Dahab: a guarantee for a great vacation in an idyllic environment!  From the coast you can see across the sea to Saudi Arabia, while behind  you the rugged mountains of the Sinai form dramatic scenery.

The word ‘Dahab’ in Arabic means ‘gold’, possibly a reference to the geographical location where gold was washed out of the desert sand. The name may also be a reference to the color of the sand to the south of Dahab. Some locals say it's because of the color of the sky just after sunset.

The Gulf of Aqaba is an offshoot of the Red Sea and the underwater world contains more beauty and surprises. For divers, snorkelers and swimmers life under water comes to you with its bright, beautiful colors and amazes you within the first few meters. From various locations in and just outside Dahab, you can walk into the sea and can immediately enjoy the beautiful underwater world. For the windsurfer, Dahab is also a paradise. Never dived before? In Dahab you will find a wide choice of diving schools.

If you are looking for nature, adventure, sunshine and a relaxed atmosphere then Dahab is the place for you to spend your vacation. No mass tourism, no huge buildings.

There is variety of restaurants and bars, often situated near the sea along the boulevard that runs from Masbat to Mashraba. Furthermore, there are many shops for souvenirs such as a typical Egyptian water pipe (shisha), papyrus, spices, perfume bottles, etc. You can’t take any antiques out of Egypt, so whatever the merchants have for sale and however authentic it looks, it's fake! There are also several supermarkets in Dahab, sometimes open 20 hours a day, not to mention the various shops in Assalah where you pay far less for vegetables, meat and the like.

Transportation in Dahab is by bike, walking or taking a taxi, usually a jeep. In the latter you either sit in the flatbed or sit beside the driver. The average cost for a ride is 5 LE.

Do you see a jeep, raise your hand and the rest is easy.


As in all of Egypt, in Dahab you will find many pharmacies offering a wide range of medicines and other things, usually much cheaper than in Europe. Pharmacists are often 'half' doctors.

In Dahab there are also a number of physicians, including Dr. Ahmed who has a clinic in Mashraba Street. We personally have had a good experience with Dr. Ahmed. You can visit both pharmacies and doctors until late at night.

Dahab also has its own hospital. And, if you need them, there are also physiotherapists and dentists.


Apart from diving, swimming and snorkeling there is much else to do in and around Dahab. You can book diving and snorkeling trips to various locations. And how about one- or multi-day trips into the Sinai Desert by jeep or camel and a visit to the ever hospitable Bedouins? Or a sunrise or sunset trip to St. Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai? A dinner in the Sinai mountains with Bedouins? Horseback riding or a trip on a quad?

In Dahab you will not be bored for a second, your time here will be too short.