Who we are

Since early 2000 we come regularly to Egypt and in May 2009 a dream came true. We had the chance to buy a house in Dahab.

When we saw this house for the first time we immediately fell in love with it. What a marvelous, cosy home on a really perfect location. It had also a beautiful garden with a very nice looking stairs to the big sunroof. It really looked like paradise. At that time we had to make an instant decision to buy it ‘now or never’ and it was ‘now.’

We called our house ‘Dahabitat’. The name of the holiday village is Dahab and Habitat stands for the best living surrounding.

‘Dahabitat’ has every comfort you wish. It is located in the part of Dahab that is called Mashraba, it is on walking distance from the sea, shops and restaurants and on the background the mountains of the southern Sinaï provide a beautiful scene.
In the meantime, besides ourselves, many guests enjoyed ‘Dahabitat’ and Dahab and we can say with confidence that who has once ‘tasted’ ‘Dahabitat’ and Dahab will come back for more nice experiences.
Obviously we hope that you’re as excited about House Dahabitat and Dahab as we are: ahlan wa sahlan!

If you have any questions, mail us.

Sincerely, salam,

Jan and Wilma

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